Ski Bum?

Last April, I took the plunge and bought a set of skis & boots from someone on craigslist with the thought that I would rekindle my skiing so that in time I would be able to spend time collecting some epic images. Consider it a photography investment of sorts. Add to that a bit of frustration with the Ultimate Frisbee happenings (or lack there of), and I figured it would be a good way to remain active while the weather is cold.

It’s worked pretty well so far. I’ve been up 20 times with a couple extras where I hiked up after hours. I’m not sure that it’s a very economic form of exercise, but it’s been a good experience in stretching myself to try new things. Below is a shot from my first day hiking beyond the chair. An amazing bluebird day with amazingly light and fluffy snow.


Interestingly, I’ve noticed that being slightly on the edge of my comfort level has helped me to enjoy life more. And, perhaps to some extent, has led me to focus more at work and in my other pursuits. I still am miles from perfection, but it’s been a neat correlation to notice.

The season is starting to wane, and the snow is being a little less awesome, but perhaps over the spring I’ll be able to do some slackcountry (terrain accessible via the chairlift at a ski area) skiing. In time, I have plans to learn more about avalanche safety and backcountry navigation in time be able to travel anywhere in the region to enjoy the wilderness & snow.

If I get a wild hair, some time I’ll post a few more winter-time photos since I’ve been so far out of touch.

Till next time,

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