Alora Grace Bennett

img_1836She’s here! I’m working on the recounting of the experience over on the blog. A few quick details:

* Name: Alora Grace Bennett
* Date & Time of Birth: 2/26/14, 6:53:53PM (We have a photo with timestamp to prove the second!)
* Location: Juneau Family Birth Center (in the Lavender Room), Juneau, Alaska
* Weight: 7lbs, 1oz
* Measurements: length = 19″, head circumference: 13″
* Labor duration: Uh, uncertain. We surprisingly found out that Heather was 5cm dilated and 90% effaced at around 9:45am, and we arrived back at the birth center for the later stages of labor at around 3pm.

Also, I’ve been asked a bunch for our address, so here’s that:

8528 Rainbow Row
Juneau, AK 99801

PO Box 33213
Juneau, AK 99803

Thanks everyone!

== Past Postings ==

If you happen to have been under a rock for some time, here’s a bit of news: we’re pregnant!

Yep, there’s a baby coming. She’s a girl. Names are hard. We’ve at least narrowed it from 45+ down to 3… So that’s a start!

Our due date is March 8th.

Baby shower details are rapidly coming together. Whisperings are that it will be on January 18th at 524 Main Street. Time: 1pm 2pm till we quit (thanks Sharon!).

Baby registries are hard. In fact, deciding before you’ve ever had a baby what you might need to help keep the new addition comfortable, entertained and alive is sort of tough. If I had my way, (Cody here) I’d have everyone contribute the gift cards or cash variety of support. That way, when we figure out what we need/want, we can check it off the list. Enough ranting though. People still want a registry…

Heather has been slaving over this registry and adding notes as sometimes finding the exact item is hard to do. There are so many varieties of paraphernalia to look at but we’re doing our best to put together a master list over at Amazon. Take a look:


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  1. sharon says:

    shower is at 2pm!

  2. Bruce Bowler says:

    Hey Code – what is your e-mail?

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