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I offer my standard disclaimer, which I seem to have offered dozens of times during my visit to campus. I tend to collect information furiously, ponder, consider, work through the emotions (fear/anxiety/etc) then decide. Once the decision is made, action is a foregone conclusion and execution follows shortly. A great example of this was our wedding… Two weeks to ask for her hand, another seven to have it in marriage. A furious pace, but worth every exciting moment.

Anyhow, I say that because I’m going to use this post to list all of the various questions that I had jotted down in my notebook prior to visiting campus. I’m authoring this post in SeaTac, but will back-date it to tuesday morning for proper placement in the blog sequence.

Here’s the list as written, though in no particular order:

  • What equipment do we receive?
  • Do we get to keep it?
  • What is available for loan?
  • How long are loaner’s given?
  • What software is used and/or needed for coursework?
  • Is there any personal computer or technology needs?
  • What purchases are students making beyond tuition/fees?
  • How are expectations for assignments communicated?
  • In the instance of miscommunication, is there ample opportunity to clarify/correct?
  • Where do students typically find models or props?
  • What kinds of community networks are available in the area? (i.e. church, business, sports, arts, etc.)
  • As a spouse, to what extent can Heather be involved? (school/events/excursions/etc.)
  • What other equipment would be useful? (i.e. remote triggers, vertical grip, speedlights, etc.)
  • What are students doing post-HIP?
  • Any tips for success?
  • What questions should I be asking?
  • What questions did you ask?
  • What questions did others ask?
  • Instructor’s have vast experience; why do they teach at the school if they’re so “successful”?
  • I’ve seen flagrant opposition from students and faculty to the Hallmark program suggesting that experience is preferred and the school is overpriced and hyped; what’s your take?
  • Is there any delineation of prior experience to fast-track students who have prior experience in photography, Lightroom, or Photoshop?
  • How do the elite excel if all are brought up from a rudimentary baseline?
  • What has set apart the presidential award winners?
  • What styles of photography technique and expertise are available? (i.e. scenic/stock/event/corporate/portraiture/photojournalism/commercial/etc.)
  • Any opportunities to (l)earn passive income techniques?
  • What is the hardest part of the program?
  • What is the easiest part of the program?
  • Was there anything unfair/problematic?
  • How were challenges resolved?
  • Were there any opportunities for photographic income during school?
  • How are the market prices in the surrounding community?
  • Where does my tuition go?
  • Can I get an annual report?
  • What is the compensation range for faculty and/or staff?
  • What traits do the best performing students possess?
  • What kinds of absences are allowed?
  • The “Resource Center” is it a library style (for checkout) collection, or more of a reference scenario?
  • What kind of remote triggers are used in the studio? (i.e. Pocket wizards/etc.)
  • What demographics does the incoming class look like at this point?
  • Were there any time-wasters that you noticed and would recommend that I ought to cut out?
  • Any school related things to invest/divest in/from?
  • When a technique/unit does not resonate, are there alternatives?
  • When a technique/unit does resonate, is there opportunity for deeper development?
  • Are guest speakers compensated?
  • What kinds of opportunities are available for student speaking scenarios?
  • What is the school equipment refresh plan?
  • $500 “spending” acct – enough? not enough? is there any refund?
  • When was the last refresh of equipment?
  • High Achievement Awards (Photography, Digital Imaging, Design, Professional Attitude and Bearning, Improvement, Academic Credit, Attendance, & President’s Award) – what do the recipients exhibit?
  • Coursework on creating professional websites: what about existing sites or utilizing services such as Smugmug, WHCC, Collages, PhotoBiz, etc.?
  • How much free time is available?
  • How many days per year does Turners Falls receive precipitation?
  • What are HIP’s demographics/tuitions/fees in the last 5 years?
  • Students are broken into sections of 40 students; how are they chosen?
  • What are common graduate incomes?
  • How many students start their own studios?
  • How many become assistants to others?
  • What are common expenses at graduation?
  • Are there any supplemental subscriptions, resources, books or other items that it would be good to have during or even prior to school?
  • Is there any content (coursework or otherwise) that would be valuable to review prior to courses?
  • What companies have come to recruit in the past years?
  • Are there any professional affiliations granted through enrollment?
  • Are there options for extra credit?
  • Are there any options for additional income through HIP employment, etc?
  • Is moving ahead in course work allowed/encouraged?
  • Does the school have CS5 yet?
  • Will they have CS5 by fall?
  • How common is computer/internet access within the community?
  • What is the community impression of Hallmark?
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4 Responses to Questions

  1. Ginny says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t your host with all those questions…

    • cody says:

      Yeah, I’m probably not the standard prospective student… They did a great job considering most people have been fairly shocked at the length of my list.

  2. kent says:

    I would black list you if you gave me that list of questions…. just sayin.

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