Thinking about Thirty

Thoughts about 30:

I’ve been thinking about thirty quite a bit lately. I guess it’s because my thirtieth birthday is here. I’m stoked to be a year older, but it comes with a bit of reflection and of course observation. Take a gander at some of the things that came to mind…

  1. If I slept for only 6 hours a night on average (I think it’s likely more over the long haul) I would have slept for an entire 7.5 years… straight. Some day, I have aspirations of sleeping a mere 4 hours (or less) each night to maximize the time spent living.
  2. Reaching 30 gives me the distinct impression that a big party is in order. There’s a culture of significance to the age, and who am I to turn my nose to tradition.
  3. I consider consequences more carefully. An example would be my recent consideration that I like the idea of 30 candles, but dislike the dripped wax all over the cake.
  4. I’ve been working at UAS for 1/3 of my life. That’s a big chunk of time. This of course, comes second to having a profitable small business for 1/2 of my life.
  5. I’m finding that I want more for others than I do for myself. I wish at my very core that you will become the person you are capable of being. Yes, you.
  6. I’ve noticed expression lines in my face, but am excited to see the changes as a sign of experiencing life. I notice that I am excited to be 80 to see what I might look like then.
  7. My dad died over 20 years ago. This has been something that has helped to form who I am today, and to some extent still influences how I react and process things. I am thankful for all of the friends and mentors who have helped me navigate this thing called life.
  8. My first email account was in 8th grade. I remember the Mosaic web browser in elementary school, but don’t recall what we used the Internet for at that point.
  9. As a kid, the only answering machine I had was a notepad near the phone. In my teen years, we had an answering machine. Now, we carry multiple devices wherever we go or where we are. You rarely call a location; you call a person or entity.
  10. Though still rare, I’ve noticed that I am more comfortable to go out in public with my hair in disarray. Humorously, it’s capacity to stand on end seems to be directly associated with its length: the longer my hair is, the more resilient it is at reaching for the sky.
  11. My concern for function and comfort are increasingly important; I care more about the fit of a shoe more than ever before. I look for products that I will use, enjoy, have value, and where possible, the company contributes to a better world.
  12. Each year, I am better and better at shopping for value rather than price. This is a major shift in personal economics and I wish I would have lived in this paradigm from the first day I had disposable income.
  13. Finally, after 10+ years of adulthood, I have more purchased furniture than I do free side-of-the-road items. I think being married has contributed to the more recent collection of quality items.
  14. Strangely, I still find relief when I’m able to extract a booger from my nostril to clear a passageway. Childish? Nah.
  15. On the topic of noses, since around 25 I have noticed that my nostril hair has increasingly become tusklike. Pulling these hairs is one of the most severe self-inflicted pains I have experienced: searing pain, temporary blindness and only one or two tusks at a whack. Goodness gracious, what function do these tusks serve?
  16. With more time under my belt, I realize that it takes years to lose sight of past failures, but moments to gain new victories. Remembering to press forward is more important than processing of past mistakes. Best bet is to focus on goals and dreams rather than experiences.
  17. Rather than attempting to escape any sleep whatsoever, I aim to set a curfew and plan for a prudent bedtime (with exceptions, of course.)
  18. Cliché realization: when I was younger (teens and before) 30 was old, now I feel 30 is young and maybe at 40 or 50 I’ll have a good idea of what’s going on… Riiiiight…
  19. Pretty much the only tangible change for me is that I get to check a new age group box on forms. Whoopedy-doo.
  20. I was always told my metabolism would slow, but in reality, my activities have decreased. In some respects, I feel vindicated in claiming that it would “never happen to me,” but simultaneously, I realize that be it metabolism or activity, it still means that calories mean more to my waistline at 30.
  21. In my early 20s, I realized the value of compounding interest for my finances. In my mid twenties, I realized the value of compounding interest for my relationships. Most recently, I am learning to understand the value of compounding interest for my health.
  22. Most significant thing about the first 30? Heather. Hands down.

Other thoughts (Things I found on other “I’m 30!?” blog posts):

With turning Thirty, I have:

  • A realization that calories really do add up.
  • A realization that friends come and go
  • Married friends who also have children
  • 5 more years before I can be president.
  • A slightly more out-of-place sense of humor
  • An opportunity for a big party and cool presents!
  • Instead of chuckling at habits of the elderly, I tut at youth whose diction is poor

Kinda crazy to think about, but by age 30 take a look at what the following folks had accomplished:

  • Ben Franklin had regularly published “Poor Richard’s Alamanac,” purchased The Pennsylvania Gazette, printed the currency for New Jersey and been appointed Postmaster of Philadelphia
  • John Wayne had already appeared in 76 movies
  • Albert Einstein had already come up with E = mc(squared) and the Theory of Relativity
  • Caligula was emperor of the Roman Empire, went crazy and was killed, all by age 28
  • Pamela Anderson long before was a Playboy centerfold, captivated audiences with “Baywatch” and then killed her acting career with Barb Wire
  • Michelangelo a year before finished the statue of David
  • Michael Jordan won his third NBA title, led the Dream Team to the gold medal in the ’92 Olympics, already named NBA MVP three times and led the league in scoring seven times.

It’s been fun to think about.

Heather has taken to planning a bday party next week, so if you’re interested in joining in the fun, helping her plan/execute, or attending whatever comes together (I’m currently in the dark), get in touch with her!

Till next time,

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