Quick Catch Up

Wow, it’s coming up on two years since I’ve posted to this site… Time flies.

I initially rolled it out because I had a wedding site rolling along nicely, but then the wedding was over and a “wedding” site didn’t quite fit. There’s no reason to have another wedding since I already had such an awesome one… After some pondering, I decided it would became the Adventures of Cody & Heather – a simple blog to chronicle our experiences in the adventure of life.

I had been using it as a place to jot my notes when we (ahem, I) considered heading towards Hallmark School of Photography, it became my sounding board to help me flesh out my thoughts. Since then I’ve had a couple other posts here and there, but mostly I fell off the bandwagon of regular writing.

It’s my goal to remedy that and get back into the habit of writing.

Stay tuned for future writings!


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2 Responses to Quick Catch Up

  1. Mom says:

    I am so tickled you are starting this again… I enjoy you and your adventures so much… and I look forward to upcoming comments and ponderings from you!! LOVE…

    • Cody says:

      Haha, I was wondering who still subscribed to these posts! I’m glad to be back in the game too. We’ll see how far it goes… I tend to taper off periodically in my blogging efforts. 🙂


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