This morning has been a morning of ups and downs. I hadn’t slept well last night anyway, but it looks like it may be a running theme for the up-and-coming future.

At our normally scheduled baby appointment at the birth center today, we found out that Heather happens to have elevated blood pressure. Something like 130/88. It’s been slowly climbing throughout the pregnancy, but within the last week, it had jumped, and now is 2-points away from being “risked out” and being forced to a hospital setting.

Hearing that news was somewhat scary.

Birth Center Checkup

We have always wanted a natural birth-center’esque birth surrounded by loved ones. We’re not big fans of the medical model, though we understand its place and importance. Further, it is especially disconcerting because Heather’s mom isn’t planning on being in town for another 8 days.

Kaye calmly informed us that if the pressure measures 90+ for two consecutive days, we then are routed through the hospital who will in turn induce the labor.

So you’re telling me that either we get the blood pressure under control, or we’ll be forced to have the baby? Uhm, okay. Give me other options.

The other option is to eat protein like crazy in hopes of increasing blood volume to drop the pressure, but that is unlikely to do much late in the game. Oh, we could also do a quick vaginal exam to see where we’re at in order to know how far away from the start point we are. Also, manual stimulation of the cervix could encourage the body to begin the labor within the next day or two.

Waitasec, next day or two? Woah. Stuff just got real.

Heather and I took a few minutes to ourselves to process the blast of information and decided to go forward with the exam and protein dosing. While we’d love to wait for Mom to arrive in town, it would be better to avoid the adventures of being induced.

Business gets underway, and then the midwife, with a puzzling look, starts to say things like, “are you sure you haven’t felt cramping?” “Okay, there’s the head.” “No, it couldn’t be.” And then the bombshell as she’s stripping off the glove to toss it away like it’s no big deal, “You’re five centimeters dilated and 90% effaced.”

Yeah, we’ve got a baby on the way.

We’ve been tasked with taking it easy and enjoying each other’s company at home, so that’s what we’re up to. Workplaces have been notified, and our core support group is on call.

Who knows how quickly she’ll be here, but she’s coming. From what I’m told, this stage of the game could last a few days, but with my paradigms being dashed so often, I’m not holding my breath for one particular outcome.

I’ll post again as I collect my thoughts, but I wanted to get this one out since it’s fresh.

Till next time,

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