West Glacier “PhotoHike”

Last Sunday, at the prompting of a Dutchman from L.A., I put together a “photohike” as my ongoing effort to connect photographers in Juneau. I know that it’s really just a group hike, but I encouraged photographer folks to come, so I guess that counts in my eyes.

The hike was fun, the day was beautiful, and the glacier was awesome. I got a few good pictures. I’m actually quite sore from the ordeal as we had Connor along who wasn’t quite ready for the long hike; I carried him on my shoulders for most of the trek.

There is at least one cool ice cave, and it was great to see the enjoyment from the Dutchman and others as they took in the views.

[nggallery id=4]

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One Response to West Glacier “PhotoHike”

  1. cody says:

    Maybe I should note that Connor is an enthusiastic 4 year old who, despite his best intentions, wasn’t much for walking the entire way.

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