Annual Calendar

This morning I took some time to piece together a first draft of what could be considered a 2nd Annual Photo Calendar. Last year, I made a similar collection and we sent them around the nation to connect with family and friends and to let them know we were thinking of them over the holiday season.

This year, it feels like I’m doing better with organization of my photos, so the process was quite fast, but also, I’ve been doing a lot more photo outings for my personal fulfillment which means I’ve got images that could fill several calendars. Rather than dilute the impact of the image for the month, I’ll be filtering more rather than adding multiple pictures, but sheesh – I want to use them all!

Last year I scoured options for calendar makers and found that iPhoto seemed to be the best bet for image quality, size, and cost. As I’m showing quality images, I want them to be big, plus I like big squares to write in when it’s hanging on the wall.

If you’re absolutely interested in receiving one this year, please comment below. I’m not sure what numbers we’ll produce as they cost us nearly $25 each. I think last year’s collection numbered into the 20’s… eeks! 😉

Anyhow, here’s what might be the cover…

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4 Responses to Annual Calendar

  1. Eli says:

    I want another one, granted I have no money right now… don’t you owe me money for something.

    • cody says:

      Heya Eli. I think I could probably get you a calendar. Have you been a good kid this year? 😉

      As for me owing you $ for something, I don’t recall any such thing. (Which means that if you can happen to remind/convince me of such, we can talk further.)

      BTW, I’ve been enjoying that nifty Sigg water bottle. Thanks for leaving it behind and sorry for losing it under my car seat for nearly a year.

      Hope things are well for you!

  2. Summer says:

    Hey CB, Just a quick camera question, what lenses do you have for your camera that you use on a regular basis? <3 your photography. 🙂

    • cody says:

      I’m now primarily shooting with a D3, so most people images I take are coming from my 24-70 f2.8 lens. Another one I use (especially with wildlife) is a 70-200 f2.8 VR I, and frequently that is attached to a 2x converter for the extra reach.

      Feel free to send me an email/fb message if you have more questions – I always seem to enjoy talking about photography equipment! 😉

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