Getting Started

I’ve been told I’m good with words. Frankly, I can’t figure out why.

I never was much for writing for other people, nor was I good at following the rules of writing as prescribed by my various english teachers. Somehow though, I manage to keep pounding at the keyboard…

I find that my posts don’t require a particular length, subject matter or tone – they are mostly just few thoughts about the day. I’m thrilled if I just consistently chronicle the “normality” of my day. Is that strange?

If I could pick a reason that I write, it might be simply a way to reflect, but I know it also goes deeper. It has to do with connecting with others. For some reason I’m drawn to documenting my thoughts and feelings and experiences in order to reach out and build bridges with others.

Maybe it’s that my great grandchildren might be able to read through the entries of a journal to find out what was common in my day, and what were the challenges I had to bear. Had I known the struggles that my father dealt with as a teen, I would have felt more connected with him even though he died when I was young and never really had an opportunity to know him through any meaningful context.

So, I write.

I’m staring a blog to try to document some of the ongoing adventures of our lives. It’s not a wedding blog (, nor one specific to dreams (, nor specifically about photography (, though I’m sure those items will be sprinkled throughout future posts. It’s mostly about the adventure of living and what awaits around the next turn, whether we’re familiar with the road or not.

I guess what I’m saying is to stay tuned. I don’t know what I’ll be writing about, nor how often I’ll be writing. I guess that’s for us to find out together.

Won’t you join in the adventure?

See you on the journey!


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2 Responses to Getting Started

  1. I really like to test, and it’s cool that you have a blog.

  2. More Testing says:

    This is a continuation of earlier testing. That means it should work.

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