Blackout Adventure

While there are a lot of cool things to experience in Southeast Alaska from wildlife viewing to natural wonders like the northern lights or the vivid blues of standing underneath (or on top of) the Mendenhall Glacier, there are still some things in other places that I would like to experience. Call me crazy, but I think it would be immensely fun to experience some “out of this world” occurrences like these guys had a chance to in this sandstorm video. From bright sunlight to pitch black, being enveloped in wind and sand to the point of drowning out the sun is simply spectacular.

For some reason, naturally occurring wonders of power call to me. I’m fascinated with following Tornadoes, Lightning Storms or even just flooding. Even now, if the rain turns heavy and warm, I’m excited by the idea that maybe somewhere there will be lightning, even with as rare as it is in Juneau. While travelling, I love to find any inclement weather I can. It’d be true to say that I’m envious of the storm chasers… Having the opportunity to be swept up in the raw power of the world helps us to know that while we may run dominion most of the time, we can’t escape the reality that we really have a temporary presence.

What kinds of things would you like to experience some day?

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