About Us

Hi, we’re Heather & Cody. We’re your friends, and we are passionate about helping others. We love love, and love to love.

Oh, you want more than that?

Hmm… Well, let’s try another approach. How about this:

Cody hails from the rainy capital of Juneau. He has lived in Alaska his entire life up until the fall of 2010 when the call of the classroom beckoned him to the east coast. His passions include his wife (she’s awesome), helping others (lifetime pursuit), technology (his vocation for the past ten years) and photography (a pursuit of the last 15 years).

Heather started in the arid capital of Carson City. Growing up in the Nevada sun, she finally decided to head out on her own and found herself in Miami (more sun) and eventually realized that Juneau would offer more moisture and a break from the scorching sun. Her passions include her husband (he’s awesome, too), helping others (another lifetime pursuit), health & nutrition (this is very good for Cody) and getting things done (she’s all about checking off the to-do lists!)

They married in June 2009 and have enjoyed every minute of their life together. If you care to read about the wedding shenanigans check out http://www.codyjbennett.com/wedding.

Future plans include children eventually, but probably after some school and maybe a bit of travel… For more reading, Cody has been keeping a “dreams” web log as a digital bucket-list of sorts. Take a look at http://dreams.codyjbennett.com

They plan to update this site with updates on their adventures in life together. Including their east coast experience and more.

Read on!

How’d that work for you? Get enough of a sampling? Did I miss something? Why not ask us… drop us a line anytime:

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