Heading Out

The car is 85% packed for a weekend adventure, but I get distracted easily, so I thought I’d take a moment to update the (mostly out of date) blog!

It’s crazy to realize that the last time I was here for a spot of reflection was in early April when Heather and I were in the throes of a family reunion at Disneyland. If I didn’t summarize to your heart’s content, here it is in simple: it was a blast! Of course, we met all sorts of new relatives, experienced all manners of manic employees, and even got to drive a hot-rod mini-van. But this post isn’t about that… really.

I just wanted to let folks know that we’ll be out for the weekend. Heather and I will take the car, hop on a ferry this afternoon, and in the evening get off the boat in Haines. From there, our next engagement is dinner on Sunday night at the Stowaway Cafe. So, we’ll be navigating around the “Golden Circle” as we’ve come to learn it’s called; Haines > Haines Junction > Whitehorse > Skagway. We might stay in lodging along the way, but we also have the tent and a couple sleeping bags in the car too.

I’m looking forward to it immensely. We’ll be turning our phones off unless there’s some type of emergency, so folks will just have to wait until we return.

As always, I love quality time with Heather, but it is that much more special when we can remove the busyness of the day-t0-day living and shenanigans by getting out to explore the area. And, here’s a quick map of our route…

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  1. Dianna says:

    I am so happy for you two… Enjoy your anniversary weekend… and, of course, be safe… LOVE you both bunches…

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