Quick Check In

Yup, tis a quick check in post. My internet connection is woefully slow. I’m putting up with it for your sake, so, well, enjoy it just a little bit more than usual. (Because, yes, my internet connection is that painful.) Anyhow, here’s our second installment of the good ol video log! As you can tell, it’ll take some practice to get good with this approach…

Our first try:

and, of course the “real” one:

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3 Responses to Quick Check In

  1. kent says:

    I like how Heather’s hair and clothes are completely different…. but Cody looks the same.

    • Marsha Gladhart says:

      I noticed the same thing as Kent. Let’s all chip in and buy Cody a new shirt! This is cute, you guys!

      • cody says:

        Well, it’s only seconds between takes, so I’m finding my having the same shirt to not be a problem… Heather had been trying on a jacket prior to my surprising her with the recording. And I’m pretty sure her hair isn’t much different. 😉

        Though, I’m happy to be the recipient of any group charity. Cash is also accepted. Ha!

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