“Quick” Trip

I’ve been trying to find a way that I can make a quick visit to the school prior to jumping in with both feet. While I expect that the facilities will be in ship-shape condition, I really am excited to get a chance to find students in the flesh to ask all of the questions bouncing around in my head.

In looking at flights, it takes a long time. As it stands, the schedule would be:

Travel to HIP — leave Sunday 8pm, arrive in Turners Falls Monday 8pm.

Return travel — leave Wednesday 1:30pm, arrive Juneau on Thursday at 9am.

I guess travelling across country takes a bit more time than just an afternoon flight down to somewhere on the west coast. Heck, if memory serves, it didn’t take 24 hours of travel to get myself over to Hawaii… hmm…

Anyhow, it’d be fun to go. It would also have some value in terms of me getting a better picture of what I’m getting myself into. The down side is that it would be around $500 that could otherwise go towards tuition! ┬áDecisions, decisions.

Thought I’d let you know in case I wind up going so you aren’t surprised too much when I post pictures from a trip!

Hope things are well with you all!

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One Response to “Quick” Trip

  1. Katie says:

    I would suggest flying into Bradley (BDL) or White Plains (HPN) NOT Logan or Turner’s Falls. Its cheaper to fly into a major airport, but not exactly easy to get to Western MA from there. If a NYC or Logan trip is financially ideal, maaaaybe your favorite East Coast friend can pick you up.

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