Beavers & Marmots, Oh My!

This morning I awoke around 4:45 and figured I’d head outside to see what kind of wildlife was out and about. The air had a pink hue to it. I can only imagine how spectacular the sunrise must have been above the clouds to give everything such a glow and still have an overcast sky.

I had originally thought to hang out with the bears at the Mendenhall Glacier along the ecology trail, but for whatever reason they were nowhere to be seen in my two loops of searching. So I headed off to more productive areas… Or so I thought.

Next stop was DIPAC. This summer the grounds have been crawling with no less than 20 eagles enjoying their breakfast of abandoned fish corpses. Today, there was only one that I saw, and he was sitting atop a nearby building. The only birds feasting this morning was a giant flock of seagulls. Kind of boring in the photography realm if you ask me. Determined not to be out done, I took to North Douglas hoping to see a deer along the side of the road.

No deer spotted at all, but I did happen upon a busy beaver and their offspring swimming along, as well as a hoary marmot enjoying some oceanside views. I’d say it was a successful morning. Plus I picked up some modular shelving at a moving sale in the area! Score!

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