Wet Ride

Jonathan, Patrick, Megan and I went for an epic bike ride this morning. It was fairly awesome. And wet.

We fared well and had high spirits as we traversed the muddy terrain near the Brotherhood trail.

Here’s the fearless group:

It was a great ride that navigated around 12 miles throughout the valley. Brotherhood to the horse trails to the UAS campus. Back through the Auke Lake trail, and then back to the Brotherhood bridge trail via the singletrack along Montana Creek. For all the rain we had, I was actually surprised that the trails were more wet and less muddy. I anticipated some thick mud throughout a few spots, but if I recall correctly, there wasn’t a single spot that wasn’t rideable with a little bit of momentum.

I think the only thing that I’d change is that next time, I’ll either zip up my outside pocket on my jacket, or put my iphone on the inside pocket of my jacket. I knew my shell was fairly water resistant, but I now know it holds water in the pockets… Thus, my phone got soaked to the point where I had to shake the water out of it. I was surprised, of course, because I’ve ridden with my phone (even in the rain) multiple times. Oh well, lesson learned.

Anyhow, here’s a quick map of our route…

Let’s go riding sometime, eh?


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2 Responses to Wet Ride

  1. Tia says:

    That looks like a helluva rockin’ ride! Good for you guys and I’m glad you took my dad! Or did he take you? 😉
    Nice website, I definitely like the idea of blogging your adventures.

    • cody says:

      I’m not sure who took who! I think it was a jointly coordinated ride… I’m hoping that we can establish an ongoing weekly ride until conditions are too icy to be safe.

      Thanks for the comments about the site – it’s a nice way that I can share my thoughts with others, and the whole “adventures” title allows me free license to post anything I do (whereas our wedding blog was mostly just about the whole wedding topic… I guess I should have thought of that before I built that one up!)

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