Goals, “Quick Trip” & Perseverance…

Just a quick update of thoughts on my mind regarding this whole adventure thing. 🙂

1) Goals that are stretching also require (for me) a hurculean effort to bring them to pass. I’m excited for them to come to pass, but I seem to often underestimate the mental energy that they require. Though I’m sure it applies to most things, in this instance, the brain bandwidth has to do with business development.

Tough game, worthy prize.

2) My “Quick Trip” is coming true next week… Airfare booked, lodging in Massachusetts arranged, tour of campus organized… A few other details coming together, but yeah, I’ll spend 22 hours getting there, less than 48 hours in state, and then another 16 hours returning to Juneau. All I can say is that I hope my standby seat lands me in a first class spot!  🙂

Anyone know of (or want to host me) on my two brief overnights (the 31st and 2nd) in Seattle?

3) Perseverance is a word I hadn’t expected to need when pursuing schooling. Maybe I was caught up in the throes of rescoping our life and rearranging priorities, but regardless, yeah, I hadn’t thought of it much.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve found myself frequently questioning my abrupt change in direction. Sure I’ve had a couple of trusted friends offer insight that suggested that my timing could be better considering the economy, but mostly I wonder about the process of getting 10 months of schooling (and various out-of-school activities) done without working. I am dead set on the reality that Heather be enabled to not work at all during my schooling in fact I’m fairly certain that I wouldn’t be able to tackle such a program without her freedom to support and encourage me. I guess it’s just my cautious mind coming back into focus as I press forward in faith towards a more significant goal of financial independence, even if only for a 10 month spell.

I’m amazed at what I’m willing to do, and looking forward to finding out what I can accomplish with proper motivation!  Look out world (and Massachusetts), here I come!

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