This morning I got up early again to head out to the nearby areas that I’d expect eagles to be hanging out… I found 15+ at Dipac, but they were just sitting around on the nearby shipping containers and not actually doing anything exciting. I decided to move on to see what else I could find. I eventually made it out to the Auke Rec area and slightly past. Near Lena Loop, I found the “golfball in the trees” (an Eagle’s white head) that was low enough for me to warrant a closer look. As I pulled up to park on the shoulder, looking off to my left where the eagle was sitting, another eagle had been in the grass on the side of the road another 30 yards ahead of my parking spot. I hopped out and found that there had been some roadkill that had eagles hanging out to get a snack. I spent some quality time waiting for the eagles to do something more exciting than just sitting on a tree branch, but they can be a patient creature. Eventually, there was some movement and I got the following shots (beware, the deer has it’s ribcage exposed if you don’t like “gore”):

[nggallery id=9]

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