A Virtual Tour

I’m not completely sure what I’ve been so busy with these days. Perhaps it was the hike up McGinnis, or the multiple hours over Labor Day weekend spent making amazing images from the pictures that Heather and I took at a July wedding. Or, perhaps it’s been in part filled with the beginning of the semester and having friends join crash on our floor. Or maybe it’s been cooking with our new fancy cookware… Could it be the bike rides? Or dinner with friends? Awe heck, I dunno.

Seems like a lot has been going on, but I can’t pin it down to just one thing. At any rate, over a week ago, our friend Rekann took this video for us and I’m just getting around to posting it. It weighs in just under the 10 minute mark, but it counts as our update as well as a tour of our new residence.

Naturally, we’d like you to come visit, but until then, I hope this tides you over!

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