Spokane Bound

IMG_1431It’s late in some (fairly swank) Seattle hotel, and after a ridiculously busy day, it’s nice to crawl into bed. I was up at 5:30 to swap roof racks, pack the tires and drop the car at our mechanic, followed by a calm bike ride back to the house. A bit of prep for the day, and I was off to Byte for today’s adventure.

Today was basically a heroic step forward in connecting with some clients who were long overdue for some basic courtesy. It was fairly awesome, but much longer than I expected, and subsequently the rest of my day (literally) was spent rushing to the next spot with just enough time to fit it in. Home to whisk Heather to work, back home for some car clean-out, back to work for the afternoon with lots (changes & to do’s) there, then out to pick up the aforementioned car, home for a quick meeting with a team member and then packing for a flight in less than an hour away.

Cutting it close you say? I wouldn’t want to ruin the whole “adventure” part of this blog, right?

Anyhow, the most relaxed part of my day was sitting for two hours on a plane reading about our nation’s economy & educating myself about how to be intelligent when it comes to the media & government’s report of “monetary policy” or whatever they might tag it with.

But then, to top it all off, there’s more to be had in Boston.

I’m not really sure how to take it. Part of me wants to separate and focus on the positive. Part of me wants to have answers. I try to draw possible correlations explanations, but there may not be some for a while. The news is currently reporting a second swing of something significant (which may or may not be), but regardless it’s being reported as breaking news.

IMG_1433I’m thankful for a life that is fairly protected from shenanigans. I woke up in a warm bed, was able to walk, talk, play, travel in a giant metal tube (aka airplane), and found myself in a posh hotel that has complementary Hagen Daas ice cream in the lodge foyer.

All in all, life is awesome.

Not sure what got me so contemplative… I’m thinking it might have been my reading about how loose fiscal policy and Civil Law systems (vs Natural Law) can drive an economy and a country into the poorhouse and turn a population against it’s own currency & subsequently into a woeful state. Maybe it’s the sour news being broadcast. Thank goodness Heather & I are linked arm in arm with Independent Business Owners across the nation in utilizing the free enterprise system to secure our own so that we can better assist others as the need arises.

Well, I’m getting a bit rambly, so I should close this off… I’ll blame it on the late hour and call it a night. As you’re fading off tonight wherever you might be, please remember to be thankful and take the time to recognize all of the blessings that surround you. It’ll make the days more vivid & encouraging…

Till next time,



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