Hallmark Institute of Photography

In late March I got the wild hair to look into photography schooling. It’s an unusual move considering I am well established in my various circles and don’t often find myself jumping into great unknowns. The only other time that I can really think of using the time-honored technique jump-in-and-learn-to-swim was when I decided to get engaged, and then subsequently married… oh, about a year previous. That has turned out amazing, so I’m sure this will too.

Hallmark (no, not the greeting card company) stood out from the crowd in that it is a 10 month program is designed to give aspiring photographers all of the tools and techniques necessary to pursue photography at any level.

Do I want to have myself a career in professional photography? Sorta.

Am I excited about learning with other photographers and expanding my skillset as well as experiencing the adventure of something new and completely different? You betcha.

So, after being accepted in early April, Heather and I moved out of our apartment (that I’ve lived in for the past 8 years) and are now living a much more light-weight style in a guest room of someone’s house. I’ve been amazed at how details have fallen together in this process.

This summer we’re putting in a herculean effort to be prepared for the school. The final decision to leave Juneau will be made in late July and will be made pending our ability to get finances in order so that we can 1) pay for school tuition and fees ($60k, gulp) without going into debt, and 2) have an ongoing income while I’m in class so that Heather can enter early “retirement” – aka, not have to work so that she can relax, enjoy life, and take good care of her student (that’s me!)

We’re both super excited for the future – needless to say it’s quite the adventure!


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2 Responses to Hallmark Institute of Photography

  1. Sandy says:

    Congrats. I am excited for you. I love new life adventures like that and am happy you two get to do this together.

    • Heather says:

      Thanks, Sandy! I was just thinking about you recently – it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten to hang with you and Luke. I’d love to get together sometime before we take off for MA. Let’s keep in touch! :o)

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