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En Route Pros/Cons

I’m sitting on a sparsely populated 737-400 headed to Seattle for the night. Tomorrow it’s on to Boston and eventually Turners Falls, MA. for a visit to the Hallmark Institute of Photography. Observations, tours, and questions will abound. Much to … Continue reading

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Goals, “Quick Trip” & Perseverance…

Just a quick update of thoughts on my mind regarding this whole adventure thing. 🙂 1) Goals that are stretching also require (for me) a hurculean effort to bring them to pass. I’m excited for them to come to pass, … Continue reading

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“Quick” Trip

I’ve been trying to find a way that I can make a quick visit to the school prior to jumping in with both feet. While I expect that the facilities will be in ship-shape condition, I really am excited to … Continue reading

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Long Drive

I just realized this would be a long frickin’ drive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally dense. I knew it would be a solid block of driving. No matter how you cut it, Alaska to Massachusetts is a long … Continue reading

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Getting Configured

[singlepic id=8 w=200 h=200 mode=web20 float=right] Wow. Technology is complex. I’m not sure how people who understand this stuff get it done. I’ve spent the last couple hours fiddling with this site trying to get the magic of subscriptions set up … Continue reading

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